Series 100 - School District

101 Racial Equity in Educational Achievement  policy   procedure 
102 Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity policy   procedure 
104 School District Mission Statement policy    

Series 200 - Board of Directors

203 Operation of the School Board - Bylaws policy    
208 Development, Adoption & Implementation of Policies policy   procedure
209 School Board Standards policy    
214 Out of State Travel by School Board Members policy   procedure

Series 300 - Administration

312 Assignment and Transfer of Principals policy   procedure

Series 400 - Personnel

403 Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of School District Employees policy   procedure
406 Public and Private Personnel Data policy  

Appx A

413 Harassment and Violence policy   procedure
414 Mandated Reporting of Maltreatment of Children or Vulnerable Adults policy   procedure
416 Drug and Alcohol Testing policy   procedure
417 Chemical Use/Abuse policy   procedure
418 Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free School policy   procedure
419 Tobacco-Free Environment policy   procedure
420 Communicable Diseases policy   procedure
421 Gifts to District Personnel policy   procedure
423 Employee-Student Relationships policy   procedure
427 Workload Limits for Certain Special Education Teachers policy   procedure
430 Recruitment and Selection
Notification of Vacancy
policy   procedure
Appx A
435 Qualification of Personnel policy   procedure
436 Addresses of Personnel policy    
441 Technology and Internet Acceptable Use By Staff policy   procedure
443 Tutoring of Students policy    
452 Conceal and Carry Restrictions for Employees policy    

Series 500 - Students

502 Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions and Student's Person policy    
503 Attendance and Absences policy   procedure
504 Student Dress and Appearance policy   procedure
506 Student Discipline policy   procedure
507 Corporal Punishment policy   procedure
510 School Activities policy
Appx A
511 Student Fundraising
Request for Fundraising Activity
Appx A
Appx B
Appx A
514 Bullying Prohibition policy   procedure
515 Protection and Privacy of Education Records policy   procedure
  Statement of Rights Appx A    
  Notice of Designation of Directory Information Appx B    
  Denial of Release of Directory Information Appx C    
  Notice to Parents/Guardians and Students regarding the Release of Information to Military Recruiters Appx D    
  Authorization for Release of School Records Appx E    
  Consent for the Release of Confidential Information Regarding Alcohol and Drug Abuse Student Records Appx F    
  Request for Access to Records Appx G    
  Request for Correction to be made in the Education Record Appx H    
  Retention of Test Protocols Appx I    
  Authorization to Release/Obtain Private Data Appx J    
516 Student Medication
Medication Administration Consent Form
Authorization for Medication Self-Administration
Appx A
Appx B
518 DNR/DNI Orders policy    
519 Interviews of Students by Outside Agencies policy    procedure
524 Technology and Internet Acceptable Use by Students policy   procedure
526 Hazing Prohibition policy   procedure
532 Use of Peace Officers and Crisis Teams to Remove Students with IEP's from School Grounds policy   procedure
533 Wellness policy   procedure
541 Chemical Use/Abuse policy   procedure
542 Extended Educational Trips policy   procedure
Appendix A
543 Use of Restrictive Procedures as Behavioral Interventions for Children with Disabilities Receiving Special Education Services policy   procedure
545 Student Fees policy   procedure
546 Shared-Time policy   procedure
547 Communicable Diseases policy   procedure
548 Harassment and Violence policy   procedure
549 Age of Entrance policy
550 Suspension policy   procedure
551 Exclusion and Expulsion policy   procedure
555 Student Recognition Plan policy   procedure
556 Released Time for Religious Instruction policy    
558 Enrollment Options Program policy   procedure

Series 600 - Educational Program

602 School Calendar policy    
613 Graduation Requirements
Request for Early Completion of Graduation Requirements
Application for Early Completion of Graduation Requirements
Appx A
Appx B

614 Compliance with State Tests Required for Graduation policy   procedure
616 World's Best Workforce policy   procedure
624 Online Learning Options policy   procedure
626 Grading and Reporting Student Achievement policy    procedure
640 Class Size & Student-Teacher Ratio policy   procedure
641 Alternative Instruction policy    
643 Human Sexuality and Sexuality Transmitted Infections Education policy    
644 Community Resource Persons
Guest Speaker Request Form
policy   procedure
Appx A
645 Charter Schools policy   procedure
647 Pledge of Allegiance policy   procedure
652 Instructional Materials Selection and Production policy   procedure
654 Instructional Materials Reevaluation policy   procedure
Appx A

Series 700 - Non-Instructional Operations

705 Investments policy   procedure
706 Investments - Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust policy   procedure
707 Transportation of Students policy    
  Bus Transportation Scheduling; Bus Stop Assignment; Eligibility Distances; After and Before School Transportation Appx A    
  School Bus Safety Training Appx B    
  Student Conduct on School Buses and at Bus Stops; Parent or Guardian Responsibility for School Bus Safety Appx C    
  Reporting School Bus Accidents and Incidents; Use of Type III Vehicles; Operating Rules and Procedures; Emergency Procedures; Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Appx D    
  Cameras on School Buses Appx E    
725 Establishing School Attendance Boundaries policy    
727 Closing Schools policy   procedure
730 Fund Balance policy   procedure
731 Post Issuance Debt Compliance policy   procedure

Series 800 - Buildings and Sites

806 Health and Safety policy   procedure
810 School Facilities policy    
811 Naming School District Facilities policy   procedure

Series 900 - School/Community Relations

901 Community Education policy    
902 Use of School District Facilities and Equipment policy   procedure
Appx A
Appx B

Appx C
Appx D
905 School / Community Relations-Advertising and Promotional Messages policy   procedure
920 Employee Giving Campaigns policy    
921 Non-use of Tobacco on School Premises policy    
922 Non-use of Chemicals on School Premises policy    
923 Distribution of Materials for Students policy   procedure
924 School Volunteers policy    
925 Web and Intranet Publishing policy   procedure
926 Conceal and Carry on School Premises policy