The Instructional & Information Technology Team supports student learning by:

  • Ensuring equitable and reliable technology access;
  • Facilitating ongoing support and training; and
  • Exploring and developing new technology opportunities for students, families, and employees.

Osseo Area Schools has a long tradition of using technology to support instruction and administrative functions. The first technology plan was created in 1995 to establish a guiding framework. The emphasis of the first two plans (1995 and 1998) was to put computers in the classroom for teacher and student use, establish computer labs and ensure administrative support. The plans also established local and wide area networks to ensure web access for students and staff. The third plan (2001) identified the need to establish a computer refresh program to ensure up-to-date access and moved the district into the 21st century with a robust fiber optic local area network and a consolidated and service efficient system of servers (SAN) to create a more efficient environment for access. Read the current Technology Plan.

The Technology Management Team provides a broad spectrum of planning and support services that allow staff, student, and, parents to communicate via voice, video, and computer data connections that include the Internet, e-mail, cable TV channel, and the school system’s own internal network (intranet).

The Instructional Media and Technology team supports the district’s instructional media and technology program, focusing on developing information literacy and technology skills. Instructional Media and Technology staff also provides other services, including technology integration, staff development, web support, video production, equipment loan, a professional collection and central video collection, and Cable Channel 21.

Osseo Area Schools complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).


Chief Technology Officer

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