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Do you have a passion for teaching, and an expertise in arts & crafts, chess, cooking, dance, DIY projects, engineering, finance, fitness, health & wellness, home repairs, languages, law, music, photography, robotics, sports, technology, theater or another hobby area? Browse our courses to check out the latest enrichment trends. Adult and youth classes are offered September-June and are scheduled to compliment community needs and requests, our district calendar and your availability. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for flexibility and fun!





Interested in teaching adult classes? Complete the AE class proposal form  and email to or call (763) 391-7117 for more information.

Interested in teaching youth classes? Complete the YE class proposal form  and email to or call (763) 391-7122 for more information.

Class Seasonal Schedule
  • Fall - September-December
  • Winter - January-March
  • Spring - April-June
  • Summer - June, July, August (youth)

Adult classes run Mon-Fri evenings between 6-10 pm and on Saturdays.

Youth classes run Mon-Fri after school until 6 pm and on some evenings and weekends.


Proposals deadlines - check your email for a request for proposals, links, instructions and deadlines.
  • Fall class proposals - due in April
  • Winter & Spring class proposals - due in September
  • Summer class proposals - due in November



Adult & Youth Enrichment 
Melissa Henderson, Coordinator

(763) 391-7117

Youth Enrichment 
Sarah Heyer, Program Manager 
(763) 391-7122