Since 2014, Osseo Area Schools has hosted Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom Schools® programming to engage approximately 300 students in high-quality learning each summer. CDF Freedom Schools play a critical role in the school district’s priority work to ensure equitable student achievement. This means ensuring high levels of achievement for all students and accelerating growth for students of color and other underperforming groups in order to close the achievement gap on all state-mandated tests.

The program’s focus on reading enrichment is highly effective in helping students prevent summer learning loss in reading. Nationwide, the typical summer loss for students from low-income families is two months of reading achievement. By comparison, 94 percent of students in grades 3-6 who participated in Osseo’s 2016 Freedom Schools programming maintained or gained reading levels. (The average gain was a remarkable one year and 10 months!)

In addition to helping students make gains in reading, Freedom Schools is fun! Students participate in literacy enrichment, STEM activities and cultural learning, while also learning through field trips and in-school field experiences. 

For more information about CDF Freedom Schools in Osseo Area Schools, contact Project Director Sherron Taylor at 763-315-9794. 

Learn more about Freedom Schools and watch a video featuring Osseo’s CDF Freedom Schools program.

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