How to export events from Google Calendar.

You can copy and paste the following url into any calendar that supports the iCal format:

School Year Calendars

2018-2019 School Year Calendar - English  Español  Hmoob Soomaali Vietnamese
2019-2020 School Year Calendar - English Español Hmoob Soomaali  Vietnamese 
2020-2021 School Year Calendar - English Español Hmoob Soomaali  Vietnamese

Open House/Orientation Schedules

2019-2020 Elementary Open House Orientation
2018-2019 Elementary Open House Orientation
2019-2020 Secondary Open House Orientation
2018-2019 Secondary Open House Orientation

Parent/Teacher Conference Schedules

2019-2020 Elementary Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule
2018-2019 Elementary Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule
2019-2020 Secondary Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule
2018-2019 Secondary Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule

Testing Calendars

District Testing Calendar
State of Minnesota Testing Calendar


2017-2018 School Year Calendar - English  Español  Hmoob  Vietnamese
2016-2017 School Year Calendar - English  Español  Hmoob  Vietnamese
2015-2016 School Year Calendar - English  Español  Hmoob  Vietnamese
2014-2015 School Year Calendar - English  Español  Hmoob
2013-2014 School Year Calendar - English  Español  Hmoob
2012-2013 School Year Calendar - English  Español  Hmoob